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Stay compliant, protect your people & minimise risk in your workplace

As an employer, your Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations must be considered carefully in everything you do. Not only is this vital to stay legally compliant, but you have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace environment for your staff, contractors and visitors.

Our Litigation Law specialists regularly work with businesses, from SMEs to multi-nationals and not-for-profit organisations, to help them achieve control over their WHS obligations.

We want you to feel confident at all times that your staff are safe and feel that you are instilling a strong safety culture within the organisation. And we want to ensure you are protected against the risk of something going wrong because you failed to be fully compliant.

How can we help?

As experts in Employment Law and and Work Health Safety (WHS) Law, our Litigation Lawyers can:

  • Provide board level advice on WHS risk and compliance
  • Develop strategies for managing risk and responding to incidents in the workplace
  • Offer advice on employee and union consultations
  • Review, draft and advise on WHS policies and procedures (including drug and alcohol policies)
  • Provide assistance with investigations into safety complaints or incidents
  • Advise on workplace bullying and harassment incidents
  • Help you formulate a plan to manage injured employees and provide critical responses to serious workplace accidents
  • Advise and act on WHS litigation matters

To stay compliant, protect your people and minimise risk in the workplacecontact Aubrey Brown Lawyers, your WHS specialists, today.

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