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Sensitive, compassionate & professional advice for your Family Law or Divorce Law matter

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship can be an extremely traumatic and emotional time in your life. At Aubrey Brown Lawyers, we are very conscious that there is far more at stake in Family Law matters than simply property and finances. We are dealing with people’s future, which often includes children. We help you by providing the advice you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Family Law team has knowledge in complex property and financial matters. 

As leaders in Family Law and Divorce Law on the Central Coast, we know this complex area of the law extremely well. Our Family Law specialists explain the various options available without the legal jargon.

Our aim is to resolve Family Law matters outside the courtroom, where possible

There are various ways in which we can help you resolve the issues arising from separation. We adopt a process of negotiation followed by structured mediation, if appropriate. However, if negotiation and mediation fail to bring agreement, then the option of last resort is the litigation process, mostly used to motivate settlement. 

We have a strong reputation for achieving excellent outcomes both within and outside the court for Family Law and Property issues.

Helping you navigate your way through challenging circumstances

The issues that arise when people separate are complex – notionally because you have to do things that you are unsure about, but also deal with emotional upheaval.

Our solutions focused, practical approach empowers you to navigate family law decisions with confidence.  You will receive clear advice at every stage of the process with a view to achieving the best outcome for you.

All law disciplines under one roof minimises double handling, costs & delays  

Family Law matters can often cross over to other areas of the law. As a multidisciplinary team of specialist lawyers, Aubrey Brown gives you access to other lawyers within our firm who practise in areas of the law that commonly impact on Family Law cases. These include Commercial LawTrusts, Taxation, Bankruptcy, Wills and Probate and Criminal Law.

If you are undergoing a relationship breakdown and seek compassionate, specialised advice contact Aubrey Brown Lawyers, the Central Coast leaders in Family Law today. 

Our team of specialist staff are ready to help.