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There’s a lot more to Estate Planning than simply writing a Will that determines which assets go to which people when you die.

Estate Planning is an active continuous process designed to protect your assets now and into the future, for generations to come.

Circumstances change in life. You may experience a change in your relationship through marriage or divorce, a change in assets, working conditions, superannuation, and the list goes on.

Astute Estate Planning takes a holistic view and not only considers your retirement income, but also the interests of the younger generations – your children and grandchildren.

Furthermore, Estate Planning incorporates many areas of legal practice, including:

One team of specialist lawyers bringing it all together for your benefit

Because Estate Planning is such an inter-disciplinary area of the law, it is in your best interest to seek advice from a legal firm with specialist teams operating in all related fields. That’s precisely what you will find at Aubrey Brown Lawyers. We are one team of lawyers who work closely together for your benefit.

Our Estate Planning division is led by Fiona Wicks. Fiona has practised in several areas of the law. Today she specialises in Estate Planning and Asset Protection, advising clients on how best to structure their affairs to maximise their asset protection during their lifetime and for their loved ones upon their death.

We create estate plans for everyone from young families and baby boomers approaching retirement, to small business owners, retirees, blended families, and same sex couples.

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