Property and Financial Settlements

We can assist with any of your Family Law matters including:

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Do you know your rights regarding your property & finances when settling?

When going through a relationship breakdown, emotions can cloud your need to think carefully about your financial future and security. At Aubrey Brown Lawyers, we’re here to help you navigate your way through what can be a highly complex area of the law.

Don’t jeopardise your financial future

To ensure you receive all that you are entitled to in a property and financial settlement following the breakdown of a relationship (married, de facto or same sex) we will help you account for:

  • All assets, including the family home, superannuation, motor vehicles, home contents, investments and other items of monetary value.
  • Your financial or care-giving contribution.

Because we deal with a wide range o Property Settlements, we are well practiced in advising in all matters whether property involving millions of dollars, or just a few hundred thousand. Without knowing the complete picture in terms of your financial assets and obligations, you could jeopardise your financial future and security.

How soon after separation can property & financial settlement be arranged? 

A property settlement application can be made to the court any time after a separation. The sooner you settle, the faster you can move on with your life.

All law disciplines under one roof minimises double handling, costs & delays

Property and financial settlements can often cross over to other areas of the law. As a multidisciplinary team of specialist lawyers, Aubrey Brown gives you access to other lawyers within our firm who practise in areas of the law that commonly impact on Family Law cases. This includes Commercial LawTrusts, Taxation, Bankruptcy, Wills and Probate and Litigation.

For specialised advice from the Central Coast leaders in Family Law and related areas of the law, Call Aubrey Brown Lawyers today. 

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