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Are you going through a separation from your spouse or partner?

Making the decision to separate from your spouse or partner isn’t easy. The same is true if your partner instigates the process. Both take enormous courage and resilience as you navigate the road ahead. Having children can make the decision and the journey even tougher.

At Aubrey Brown Lawyers, our Family Law specialists are there to help make the journey less stressful by providing practical, honest and clear advice to ensure all is resolved in a fair, timely and efficient manner.

We will stand by you every step of the way to ensure your rights are protected. We will also anticipate any issues or challenges that may arise, as we look after your best interests, financially and personally, moving forward.

Knowing where you stand legally when undergoing a separation is critical

If you think you may be separating from your spouse or partner, the earlier you seek professional legal advice the better, that way you will know exactly where you stand with your rights and obligations. Call Aubrey Brown Lawyers today and ask to speak to a member of our Family Law team.

Our team of specialist staff are ready to help.