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Don’t risk going to court over a construction dispute because you got the wrong advice

Building and Construction Law is regarded as one of the most technical and complex areas of the law. Without professional advice from lawyers who specialise in Litigation Law, you could find yourself embroiled in a lengthy and expensive court case.

At Aubrey Brown Lawyers, we are renowned for resolving construction disputes quickly and cost effectively using a proven process of direct negotiation, conciliation, and mediation wherever possible, to avoid litigation and arbitration.

A number of building disputes are successfully resolved through mediation. This is where both parties and their lawyers meet with an independent mediator who helps them work through the issues and find a mutually agreeable solution. Often the courts require a process of mediation to be undertaken before the matter is heard before the court.

However, if going to court is deemed necessary, you will be in the most capable hands when you engage the Aubrey Brown Litigation Law team to handle your construction dispute case.

Discover why many of the Central Coast’s leading building & construction companies rely on Aubrey Brown Lawyers

Many of the Central Coast’s leading building and construction companies rely on Aubrey Brown Lawyers to help them manage risk, resolve disputes and, when required, commence litigation.

To ensure your construction dispute is resolved quickly, cost effectively and to your satisfaction, ​contact Aubrey Brown Lawyers, your Litigation Law experts, today.

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