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Series – Law in Life Episode 1

Family Law- What does that mean to most people? The breakdown of a relationship is an emotional and difficult for all involved.


Our panel of experts provide informative information regarding the financial implications of a separation.

Brett Gilday from Kelly+Partners provides key information regarding how to manage the separation of finances during and after a relationship breakdown.

Karlye Damaso of Healthpoint Mingara expresses the short and long-term impacts on a relationship breakdown for children and adults.

Kate O’Grady discusses the concepts of conciliation and the importance of all parties working together.

Aubrey Brown Lawyers are proud to present the first episode in our Law in Life series.

The next episode will feature key business people from the Central Coast discussing, you have been asked to join a board. 

If you require assistance regarding separation please call us on 02 4350 3333 or email and we will assist and support you.

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