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Changes to Holding Deposits in Conveyancing

In New South Wales, a house is not “sold” until both the vendor and the purchaser have signed and dated a contract, and a deposit has been paid. This is referred to as exchange.

However, it is common practice for real estate agents to suggest that a purchaser pays a deposit as a sign of good faith, sometimes called an “expression of interest deposit”.

Changes have come into effect from 1 September, 2022 requiring that agents must now get the purchaser to sign a written statement declaring that the agent has informed them that:

  • The vendor has no obligation to sell the property;
  • The purchaser has no obligation to buy the property; and
  • The deposit is refundable if a contract for the sale of the property is not entered into.

The agent must also:

  • Promptly inform the purchaser if a later offer is made to purchase the property;
  • Advise the purchaser that they have the right to make further offers up until exchange of contracts has taken place; and
  • Refund the deposit to the purchaser within 14 days if another person enters into a contract to buy the property.

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