Meet Rebecca, Family Lawyer Aubrey Brown


Hear why Rebecca Horne, is passionate about family law and helping people through tough times. Watch to get her honest take on what to do if you are in a separation or divorce.

Having empathy and being understanding of people is really important, not only as a family lawyer but as a person. You don’t know what people are going through and every situation is unique, and having those qualities is crucial to being a successful and understanding family lawyer.

One of the most common things Rebecca comes across being a family lawyer, is that people often compare their situation to the situation of friends, or colleagues that have been through a separation. Every matter is unique, and because of that, it is important to get independent legal advice to ensure you are getting information tailored to your situation. 

Rebecca is extremely passionate about family law as she understands that this is one of the hardest things a person and family can go through, and knows how hard this process can be for everyone involved.

For Rebecca, and the whole family law team, it is rewarding to be able to help people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Should you find yourself in such a position of divorce, separation or any other family matter please call us on  02 4350 3333 or contact us here.

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